Xmas 1946

I remember Xmas ’46.

the glowing coal,the sugar bag,the sticks

The boys had fairisle jumpers in pure wool

The golden cup of happiness was full

In the flames I saw bright dancing shapes

oh happy infant ,love, oh happy state.

on a Xmas tree were hung the chocolate coins

in the crib I saw Lord Jesus born

My sister too was soon to leave the Womb

Next time she would be there in the room

Her Celtic face was round her eyes were green

Rarely did she cry,Allanah, Queen

This was Eden,this was all our joy

Come back Love,do not our lives destroy.

Touch me again

My hand reached out to touch you but all there was was air

I stared into the garden and see the birds fly off

I can’t tell you any thoughts like the ones we used to share

Are they bound for Africa, àre they plump enough?

I call out for your tender touch,I ask you to come back

All there is is silence,no love to fill my lack

I cry out for your presence now but you are flying too

I have to do this part alone

I don’t have a clue