Without you

I didn’t like to go there without you

I didn’t like to be there without you

I didn’t like to come back without you

I don’t like to be here without you

No,not without you

While the gossips chat

And I see that caf

I don’t want to live without you

And they say I’m strong

They can’t understand

I don’t want all this without you

They put me in

A metal van

It hurt my back

It’s you I lack

Tell them you’re near

And you can hear

What they don’t say

What they don’t pray

I miss you.I miss you

Come with me.

Be with me

Forgive me

Must I suffer for ever

Don’t leave me

I can’t go on with the pain

But that’s what remains

Without you

8 thoughts on “Without you

    1. I got injured by being brought home in a really .
      awful ambulance on Friday
      I did not realise that it would have helped to have someone with me in the waiting room
      I can’t imagine they don’t know how these vehicles affect you
      I have a friend in Baltimore who has experienced the same thing
      Are they made in China ?
      I suppose we always miss our spouse
      We lose part of our self as
      I am glad to know you are ok David.
      Best to all the family

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