What to consider when writing a poem


7 Ingredients You Need to Consider When Writing Poetry

“What are you trying to say?

The message of your poem is the most important part.

The message of your poem is the most important part. CLICK TO TWEET
It could be something as simple as your love of cupcakes, or it could be something more complex, like a relationship. Whatever it is, your message should be clear without stating the obvious or patronising the reader.

You can use visual language in your poem to explain to the reader what’s happening without making it blindingly obvious.

The layout of your poem can reinforce this message further…

2. Form/Structure
The structure of your poem can be as influential as the grammar, punctuation and language.

What will your poem look like on the page?

Will it be a concrete poem? Will the length/shape of each stanza enhance the poem in any way?

Think carefully about how the poem looks on the page. A poem—particularly a concrete one—can be as visual as a piece of art.

If you’re not sure how to lay your poem out, experiment with different forms. What you’ve written may work better as a concrete poem, or it may fit a more structured layout, like a sonnet. A strictly structured poem looks very neat and tidy, but if you’re writing about things falling apart, it may not be the best layout to choose (unless you’re being ironic).

Some poets have their preferences for particular structures, others prefer to write with a lack of structure.

Write to whatever form fits your poem and writing style the best. It may take you several drafts of a poem to find the right form for it, but that’s ok! “

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