Authors of the last Millenium


Thomas Tardy
Thomas Bawdy
George Hill He Hott
Jane Frosting
Jane Testing
Plane Basting
Sylvia Wrath
Ted Bemused
Ted Used.
Philip Larking
Kingsley Hey-Miss.
William Wordsmith
Samuel Callsmudge
Matthew Mac-Hainault
Matthew O’Hour-gnarled
Simone de Bove-Wire
Jean Paul Martyr.
Princess Iambic- pentameter
Thomas Core.
Thomas Done-Well

Never bite

Do not knock on my back door tonight
Your face in dimness evokes dreams denied.
I only want to see you in daylight

I saw you on the town hall steps that night
Your makeup was too lush, though well applied
Do not  block  up both my ears tonight

I find your  touch gives me a rare delight
I said I hate you but, in truth, I lied
I only want to see you in moonlight

I have heard the signs and welcome any spite
My  goldfish ate my cat and then it died
Do not kick in my front door  when tight

My father told me men must never bite
When they lie in bed with their new bride
I rarely want to see you in daylight

The evidence is here that God has fled
He wanted us to think that he was dead
Do not snog alone with me tonight
I only have to touch you to ignite.


There is no “right time” no “perfect place”


As wildflowers grow on bomb sites  and on  graves
We can love, despite our grieving hearts
Think not of the time nor of the place

Sorrow , opened up, creates new space.
Despite the pain  that comes in sudden darts
So wildflowers grow on bomb sites  and on  graves

A flower seed needs  little,  but its grace
Will help the heart that sees alas blank charts
Thinks not of time, just where there may be space

So an  Eden may be begin, embraced
Although our feet stand on this ground apart
For wildflowers grow on bomb sites  and on  graves

In love, the splits will heal at their own pace
And hatred held, contained will breed no shark
Think  of any time or any place

We look out today at visions stark
Yet sings the immemorial skylark
As wildflowers grow on bomb sites  and on  graves
There is no “right time” no “perfect place”




How to write poetry by Andrew Motion



“Honour the miraculousness of the ordinary. What we very badly need to remember is that the things right under our noses are extraordinary, fascinating, irreplaceable, profound and just kind of marvellous.

Look at the things in the foreground and relish stuff that can lose its glow by being familiar. In fact, re-estranging ourselves to familiar things seems to be a very important part of what poetry can do.”

If you can, be choosy about what you do, so that the things you do write are the things that you do best.