Elegance lies bare

Apple tree and sunshine

In summer time when sun do shine

I’m happy on my own

I gaze up through red maple leaves

All transparent in the sun.

But when winter comes I’m lonely

Sitting here beside my fire.

So I want a  winter lover

To keep my spirits higher.

Oh,my winter love come to me

And I’ll gaze deep into your eyes

The light that shines in there

Is so much warmer than my fire.

We’ll go through wintry woodlands,

Where elegance lies bare.

The branches struck by sun

Now feel the frosty grasp of air.

I’ll love you all the winter time.

I’ll love you  in the dark.

I’d like to rest within your arms,

And have a peaceful talk

When summer comes I’ll disappear

To roam across the dales

I’ll sleep on heather moorlands

And send you loving mail.

I can’t be tied in summertime

I must be roaming free.

But ,if you accept this  need of mine,

To you I’ll faithful be.

A verse that seemed so free


'Twas but a reptile passing by.
It flew across the deep blue sky
Why do reptiles fly so high?
I'll love you till I die.

"Twas but a cat under the moon.
Did you have a silver spoon?
Why can't cats all waul in tune?
I'll love you very soon

'Twas but a wooden legged man,
Carrying a large brass saucepan.
Why can't men do what women can?
I'll love you better than.

Why are adverbs?
What are nouns?
why do circuses have clowns?
I'll love you lying down.

Where do dreams go in the day?
What game can we adults play?
Can you or can you not say?
I'll love you,in my way.

'Twas but a verse that seemed so free.
It floated over my oak tree.
I have eyes but cannot see.
I'll love you when I be

Days for losing


Some days are days for losing
Some days are days for losing

Some days are days for finding
Mobile phones and patience.
Some days are days for finding
New friends and old relations.

Some days I feel at sea for hours,
Some days I feel so lost.
Some days I know that life’s worthwhile
Whatever the emotional cost.

Days are special units
In the journey we call life.
Days are short so don’t waste time
In needless haste or strife.

We don’t know ourselves

Photo0781Oh how I long,I long  to meet with you

Beside the lilac filled with honey dew.

I’d hold you gently in my arms and say

You are me and I’m in love today.

Where is the wickedness in l oving all our self?

Even in the night and when it’s done with stealth?

I dream, I speak and understand myself

Enriched forever with this new and  precious wealth

And then I’ll love my neighbour if he’s very kind

And if he has a free and open mind.

For if we love ourselves we are relaxed

And so we need to make no cold attacks.

was in fragments lying on the ground

Until these bits a passing angel found

I was put into a kiln to bake

Thus now I am a brick or maybe a sponge-cake.

Let’s enjoy our humour as we come and go

And as the laughter starts yet tears may flow.

For I was you and you were me not long ago

Accept our losses as we onward flow…

The river runs,the clouds blow by

The heavens open yet my mouth is dry.

Don’t ask a question that begins with why.

Remember just we live and then we die.

Oh,send me roses and your orchids wild

I have loved flowers since I was a child

So when I die, let them die too

First covering me in scent and fragrant dew.

To mystery and darkness we are sent at last

As nightfall comes and our day has passed.

To dreams of heaven and the long ago

When Eden was on earth and gentle winds did blow

At any time

I planned my life in seven parts

the first is when the story starts

i thought I could use  my will power

and plan my whole life to the hour/

but one thing I was blind about

Until the lights were going out

The end may come at any time

in the middle of a rhyme

i might just  begin one line

with a perception very  fine…………….

but life is fickle and unfair….


the end may come at any time

And if you want to make sweet love ,don’t go where we have gone

Down by the House of Commons
My love and I did roam
We were looking for a Monet
To decorate our home

Down by the Palace Gardens
We went a-walking next
As we believed that in that green
It was good to have sex.

We were caught by the police!
My wife was quite displeased.
“Oh,can we plead not guilty ,sir.
We don’t know where we are!”

Down in the court of magistrates
We were accused of sin.
We stood there in the dock
And hoped that we would win

I thought sin was not a crime!
We crossed that narrow line
But in this country there’s a link
Sin and crime are synched!

We asked to go to Westminster
To confess to a Catholic priest.
We could just take a penance

From him or the police

But the judge was feeling lazy
He sentenced us to death.
And we are going to die because
We wandered from the path.

If you want to get a Monet,
Buy a print from Amazon.
And if you want to make sweet love
Don’t go where we have gone.

For safety lies at home

On a mattress of pure foam

Sheets of cotton newly washed

Like wheat we are all thrashed

For if a woman’s born tone deaf and dumb

  • No noise had ever irked him like her thrums.
    His head ached and he even shed some tears
    Thank the Lord,she’d chucked out all his drums
  • No music was so painful to his ears

No sound was sharper than her   voice

No lullabies would cross her cold drawn lips.

                He’d like to fly away to hotels  choice

                  To escape the barrage of her clever quips.

  • No guitar man made would emote in her hands.
    No tutor could impart the tragic gift.
    She’d cause commotion in some lurid band;
    Or soon be sent to sea and set adrift
  •               .For if a woman’s born tone deaf and dumb
    From her hands no joyous note shall come.

The golden rule;oh what the heck

P1000194 1

My doctor thinks I am too fat
and advocates eating the cat
food from a tin
Or even the bin
what do all you old folk think of that?

Personally I do not mind
As cooking real food is a bind.
But visitors might
So keep the tins out of sight.
For cruelty’s very unkind/

Indeed sin is an offence to our race.
surely all humans can face
That harming and killing
Those who are unwilling
to recognise us has no case.

It’s a long time since God’s word had effect
The golden rule.oh,what the heck.
Selfishness pays
And nobody prays.
Nor do we pay our respects.

In the end we shall all be in hell
And God will send us the bill.
As the electricity’s dear
And so are our tears.
Yet we still fire our weapons and kill

Word of the day:Inculcate


I tried to inculcate a love of words
and mathematics up to graphs and surds.
But pussy was not keen on that
in fact, I think he smelled a rat
And now he’s run away to watch the birds.

I tried to teach him how to eat in style
And clean his teeth and give up habits vile.
But he would not cooperate
His yowling got me in a state.
So now at last I’ve run at least a mile

Then choose one

My mother was a lady of skilful wealth
She used to shop in Harrod’s,right from the shelf
She stole China tea as it’s good for the health
Mother had a most peculiar  sense of self.

She liked to study the stars and moon
So many dark nights were spent in gloom
Yet for her husband it was a boon
As her presence spread a feeling of deepest doom.

She ran away one day  with cunning stealth
Society blamed her unsense of self
She’d met a young man whom she called Ralph.
Who gave her many children of whom I’m the twelfth.

So, remember, the moral of my tale is none.
Love the neighbours,then choose one.
He’ll give you  some daughters and a son
Now my verse is almost     …….. gone.

Their ecstatic yelps

And it came to pass that they ate their dinner and that she did washeth up.

And she did leave the dishes to drain

Whilst she put on the washing machine.

and the man was very pleased.

And it further came to pass that she gave the man some pudding and he was more pleased.

And then it came to pass the he fell asleep

By the fire. And the Lord God,said who is this man that sleepeth by his fire?

And he said,I shall waken him up

And the man awoke,

And God spake unto him

How is it that the woman laboureth in ye kitchen.

And that thou sleepeth here in an armchair.

and the man said,

but Thou didst order women to labour.

And the Lord God said unto the man

Why dost Thou remember so selectively what I have said?

And the man said, I knoweth not and therefore I will help this woman.

And the Lord God said, Why dost thou not think of it thyself?

And the man said in reply, It was Thou that made me,O God

And the Lord God was displeased with the man.

so he called down a plague of butterflies

To prevent him from sleeping.

And when the woman came in

she was much pleased to see these butterflies

and so she fell onto the man

And he did make love unto her.

And the cat was very pleased.

For it thrilled him to watch humans mating and gave him hope

That the Lord God would take his rib and make a mate for him.

And indeed it doth seem to have happened

Judging by all the cats staring in ye old window here

And by their ecstatic yelps

That the Lord God was very generous with them and made them many mates.

For truly there is no jealousy among them

And they mate freely and happily and never have rows

about the washing up..as they eat straight from the can.Amen

I have a little lamb

0114- arnside 340006

I’ll stick with Thee…fast falls the chill of night
Send me an angel,I need something bright.
I have no fear,with Thee I’ll be alright.
Why not succumb and put in electric light?

Large now or small.It matters not what size.

All that now matters…must be our Lord God’s eyes.0114- arnside 2 0006
In their sweet light,I’ll love my neighbour’s wife
As she seems unhappy with almost all her life.

I do not mean to fornicate or lust.
No,I’ll calm her gently and I’ll earn her trust.
I’ll cook their dinner,so she takes a rest…
Then when the evening comes I’ll sit my test.

Do they eat meat?I have a little lamb…
If not I think there is some well cured ham.
I’ll cook nine veggies as we are advised
That will definitely bring us to Eternal Life

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