I want a winter lover

New River

In summer time when  sun does shine

I’m  happy on my own

I gaze up through red maple leaves

All transparent in the sun.

But when winter comes I’m lonely

Sitting here beside my fire.

So I want  a winter lover

To make my  spirits  higher.

Oh,my winter love  come to me

And I’ll gaze deep into your eyes

The light that shines in there

Is so much warmer than my fire.

We’ll  stroll  through wintry  woodlands,

Where elegance  lies bare.

The branches struck  by sun

Now feel  the frosty grasp of air.

I’ll love you all  the winter time

i”ll love you in the dark.

I’d like dwell  within  your arms,

To love   in London Parks

When summer  comes I’ll disappear

To roam across the dales

I’ ll sleep on heather moorlands

And send you  loving  mail.

I can’t be tied  in summertime

I must be roaming free

But ,if  you accept   this need of mine,

Then how happy I shall be.