I’m starting on the beer

He said he had got dizzy and he thinks he saw the Light
It was mainly migraine but I recognise his plight

He didn’t want to drive me to the bitter end
So I called a cab and went there ;I met some lovely friends

He carved the joint on Sunday and then he left me here
I’ve finished all the brandy and I’m starting on the beer

I will lose my mind on purpose and write from my own heart
If I act like crazy, take me to the park

We had a cat from Tottenham,I preferred him to a man
I didn’t have to cook at all, he ate straight from a can

The cat we had much later, we thought he was a girl
The vet burst into laughter so I scratched him with my nails

Then we had a black cat, very small and round
She got bored and went to Mass. Jesus was her friend

Now the cat has cancer and I am feeling gloom
Put a first class stamp on me and send me to the moon

The vet is getting friendly but I have got no dog
I’ll have to get a virtual one but will it keep me snug?

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