I feel very cold

I’m on death row I don’t know the date

Please kill me now I don’t want to wait

Those with dementia forget where they are

It’s hard for sane people to travel this far

If they can’t walk they have to lie in their bed

I wanted to see one,she wished she wished she were dead

They have to wear nappies because there aren’t enough staff.

They have to take showers they might drown in the bath

They’ve committed no crimes, they have worked hard and long

In consumer society they just seem so wrong.

They won’t read the adverts they won’t buy new phones

They don’t use computers and they don’t write these poems

Where is the value the meaning of life?

Is Jesus no saviour from the death throes of wives?

I think we’d be better in the Bin when we’re old

My heart is not beating and my body grows cold