My red neighbour

My red-haired neighbour  loved her high heeled shoes
She dressed in cream and black  when she went out

Her smart appearance called in many views

Even when she fell and was much bruised
Her eyes so sharp  drove off   marauding louts
My red-haired  neighbour saved for grand cream shoes

She dyed her hair blood red, oh men confused!
Though she was ninety she was never stout
Her   dear appearance wondrous was well viewed

By the Daily Mail, she was bemused
She meditated, used it  to wrap sprouts
My  neighbour   dyed her hair and matched her shoes

Suddenly her blood  its power would lose
Her nights out and her cooking were in doubt
She so  stylish no more  could be viewed

She went to Mass on Sunday, sin to  rout
Her hair fresh dyed, she died where God’s about
My red-haired neighbour  loved her pretty shoes
In her coffin,   may  she be amused