Not there

I reach out for the silver phone again
But you are not there

My hand is lonely in the empty air

I bring it back to my lap

I did not know I would not hear your voice again

Our conversations dead too.

I am glad I forgave you

I wanted you to let go easily

Had not thought the phone was no use to the dear dead ones

I can’t believe my mischievous boy grew old

Took Ill,suffered

Oh can you not come back?

My hand looks delicate like a flower

My ears feel hot

I can’t hear you any more.

You are gone

Why is it hard to believe this?

Why is loss so hard?

Spell spolling

She can’t even spell spilling

Or spill spelling

Funny how atheistically is like aesthetically in spelling

Are you an aesthete?

No I am a Mormon
Why ?

It is easier to spell

That is stupid.


Marxist is easier

I don’t agree

I guess it was having X as the unknown in algebra be that made you anxiou

What is algebra?

An invention of the Arabs.

Or a discovery.

Where was it hidden?

They told noone

I hope they don’t find more

Why not ?

Like from Algebra to the Atomic bomb ?

Better to be be apes.

Or apples.

No Ape fell on Newton

No atom Bomb either

So true