English grammar for forgetful people like me

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Three confusions

I learned grammar at school but when I began writing found I’d forgotten a lot of it

.Maybe full stops etc are best omitted!

Here are three sets of confusing words

1. Its and it’s

This is the one many of us get wrong.

“It’s” is usually  short for” it is”. sometimes for “It has”

Otherwise there is no apostrophe separating the it and the s.

So if you say “The cat took its prey behind the dresser” there is no apostrophe.

But if you say “It’s cold today” there is.

Sometimes “It’s” can be short for “It has” eg “It’s been raining all day”

2. Their and there.

Their coats,their possessions. Usage  is like that of my or your.

“They took off their clothes and fell into their cosy bed”

“There” refers to a place.”I thought I left my keys just there on the desk,but when I came in I found hem there on the table.
It’s related to “Here”

“Did you leave your coat here or was it out there by the porch?Isn’t it cold? It’s really freezing tonight.
The cat brought its kittens inside by the fire,.
I gave the dog a bone and it’s really happy 
now,out there.They have their own lives.”

3. Your and  ,  you’re

As in 1. an apostrophe indicates a missing letter.So” you’re” means”you are”

“You’re crazy if you believe that Hitler was a good person

“You’re late again”

“You’re mine,You’re divine.You’re practically sublime”

“Your” denotes belonging to you.

Like “Where is your coat?

It’s on the chair with yours”

“What is your dad saying?”

“Your country needs you”

4. Conclusion:Apostrophes are a problem.We see signs in the market “apple’s 20p each”

If in doubt,leave it out!

These are the three commonest confusions.

Our work will look more professional if we’re well versed in grammar.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of  to ask for  guidance or buy a book on grammar

Every dog has its day.

Every cloud has its silver lining.

I time for me to go so I’ll end there and let everyone find their own needs out.

Words or phrases that sound the same are not always written the same.****************

I hoope this iss a  a hilp  but it’s 2 easy for myst peeple hya. As they say in Tyneside UK

Good Nite Hall

I welcome comments and criticism

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