Unexpressed emotions never die

Unexpressed emotions never die
It seems that they attain eternal life!
We give a  wanton wince, a wistful sigh

But might such hidden feelings lie?
As does a husband to a questioning wife.
Unexpressed emotions never die.

Muse on emotions hiding, wonder why.
Will they cause an everlasting strife?
We give a  quantum wince, transcendent sigh

As we grow older, feelings multiply
And fearing laughter, in  the back they’re knifed
Unexpressed emotions cannot die

And gazing ever closer, magnified
We divide each one into  unequalled halves
We give unnoticed winces to blind eyes

So what is left, what will of us survive?
All the feeling unexpressed in life!
Unexpressed emotions never die
Take care of what may be your endless lies.



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