Bi or di? Biphthong and Diped?

Human bipeds have two sets of digits.

The hands and the feet can both fidget.

I used to tap on the table

Till a spirit was able

To come to my aid with a widget.

I was going through a hard adolescence…

Am I now approaching my  due senescence?

I irritated my Ma

So she shouted,you’re bizarre.

You’ve got OCD  built into your essence.

I asked if I had inherited it from her.

She gave me a furious stare.

She said,we all have our scruples

But yours have quadrupled.

I loved you but now I don’t care.

That seemed very immoral to me.

She gave me no warm sympathy.

So I scratched  my own skin

Which was in any case too thin…

But it helped to scare off a  stray flea.

If we’re neurotic it is not a crime.

We may  learn how to use it in time.

Though tapping on wood

Does one no good.

I  have found my salvation in rhyme.

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