From thinking to thoughtfulness


A week or two ago I was thinking about thinking.There is more than one kkind of thinking.Some kinds,like rumination, are  often self destructive.Other kinds of thinking can turn one outside of one’s self and can become what I call “thoughtfulness”.And that is a a virtue.It combines awareness and caring towards others with standing back and considering what is best for them and ourselves.

Then there is what we might call ” blind thinking” which is totally self centred like the  chattering voices in our head

I want that red dress,he’s nasty,I am fed up being at work. so long…………all going on underneath our consciousness much of the time.We may be unaware of it but it can affect us and how we act towards others.It’s childish,turned inwards and trivial.Can we stop it? I am thinking about that,,, not brooding.I mean,my mind is open and I hope some new ideas will come to help me understand this blind thinking

How can we see and not be blind in our thinking?How can we be wise?

4 thoughts on “From thinking to thoughtfulness

    1. Thank you for this nice comment,Janet.I think I’ll take up my pencil again as I wasfar too self critical before and digital art does not involve the body like drawing with a pencil does.My hands are itching to be used.This one I did from a photo my husband took in Dorset.Wishing you a very pleasant weekend and thank you for all your wonderful colours in your artwork.:)xxxx


      1. As fantastic as digital art is, there is nothing quite so rewarding as actually making marks with a pencil or brush. I am really happy to see you working at your art again….you must be in a very good place:) I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend filled with creativity:)xxx


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