Vincet qui se vincet

Vincit qui se vincit
She conquers who conquers herself.
4655605_f260 3

Vincit qui omnes se vincit
The owl and the pussy cat winched it
The sea was afrit
The wind froze this old git,
We brewed our tea but some fair maids pinched it

Vincit qui se vincit omnes.
Today I acted with real wrongness
Why was my genius
not sung by Sibelius?
The swan floats along the economies.


Vincit qui se omnes vincit
If you see evil coming, then punch it
A defence before harm
Acts like a charm…
If you meet true virtue,then lunch it.

Vincit qui se vincit
Pinch it, winch it,lynch it
All shall be one
Try a cheese scone.
Please pass the butter and fidget

3 thoughts on “Vincet qui se vincet

  1. Yes, and yes. Beautiful quote and you are so right. We need to be masters of us, rather than submitting to masters and less competent, kind, compassionate overlords. We as women need to be responsible for our well being. Best thing I’ve seen all day. xoxo SB


      1. I just adore Latin, and I’m happy that you’re a woman who uses it. I do enjoy playing with foreign languages, too, so this is much appreciated.


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