Where once a cat

The apple tree,now bare of leaves,
Still bends in worship to the sun.
The sap flows down into the earth
Its fruiting year is done.

Where once a cat sat on the branch,
And children played below,
Now only sparrows hunt for crumbs,
and patterned snails slide slow.

The sun is setting to my left;
where is the slivered moon?
The day is deeper than a dream,
and over all too soon.

Oh,come,my lover,to my bed
And hold me in your arms.
I’ll rest against your fragile chest,
Whilst you enjoy old charm

3 thoughts on “Where once a cat

  1. Lovely; draws the reader into a wonderful experience of remembering ❤ Short, four-line stanzas are a favorite style of mine 🙂 It always seemed so much better to pack a lot of sensory experience and meaning into fewer words.


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