A letter or two

He gave me a fast party tickle..
I kissed his algebraic form.
He’s only a number to me.I am numb all over.
He says he’ll give me peace of mind.But did he mean a piece of his mind?
What tense are your muscles?
Is the past infinite?
Can we split the indifferent?
Was the past subjective?
Subjunctive is Latin for may be.
How about  the past, was it perfect,imperfect or inconceivable?
What is the future when not dense? Very intense..
Grimmer than grammar: the autolieography of a woman of many alarm clocks

Can a noun be irrational?Can my name be a verb?
What about an infinite sequence of jumbles?Is it useful?
What is a transcendental word?
I hate logs but like rhymes.Log-of-rhymes is my next book.
Why do letters need indices?So we can locate them?

I sent a letter to my love… which letter? A?

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