The very notion of God

One of the insides of the many churches on Sicily
One of the insides of the many churches on Sicily (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Alan Durst carving "Absolution&q...
English: Alan Durst carving “Absolution” on the Woodchurch Rood Screen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If God felt like getting absolution
that’s one drawback to his position
that the priest would not know how to cope
with the very notion

Hello,I’m God,Father.
Oh,you’re with the Mafia,then
I am with everyone
That’s noble.Any sins
I made a grave error.
You don’t have to worry.We all do it.
But I’m God!
If you say so.
I made a man from earth.Then I made a woman.
That’s very wise under the Equal Opportunites Legislation
Then they bred.
Well,surely no one blames you?
I do.
Are you unwell?Shall I call an ambulance?
What for?
To take you to the Asylum.
So you think I’m an asylum seeker?
Well,you don’t look British!
It’s enough to drive me mad.
You are mad.
How come?
You think you are God
I am God.
Do you have any identity card?
That’s rich!who’d give me one?The Pope?
Well,they say,see Rome and die.
I never die.I’m immortal
Well,I absolve you and your penance is to forget yourself
Everything is on fire
Lord have mercy.
I’m thinking about it.
Be English!
English… what a joke!I am black.
So am I!
Black And British.. or Black and Foreign
Is God a Foreigner?