The holiness of slow

How my heart sings

The thinner branches wave  like fragile grass
Bewildered by the wind so strong and cold
Like prisoners suffering from a cruel lash

The cat walks by ,the  little hedgehogs pass
So in my winter coat I could be bold
The thinner branches wave  like fragile grass

If only winter travelled very fast
But time is needed for the seeds  to grow
As humble as a  snail on its own path

We humans  too need silence without rush
We must earn the holiness of slow
While thinner  trees  still wave  like fragile grass

In the soil, the worms  pursue their tasks
Eternities of beetles move below
Humble as the  snails on  their own path

Why we’re here  this day we cannot know
Our souls soak in the  silent world below
The thinner branches wave  like fragile grass
We’re not gods. we suffer  from the lash

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Higher Education

I wanted to buy a light weight jacket.I would like it in Unnatural I told them boldly

We don’t do that colour

Well you do Natural!.Every thesis has an opposite one.So with colours

This is not a University, Mrs Hegel

Why tell me that?

You know toi much logic

I am terribly sorry.I shall try to forget it.Along with Grammar

Spelling Thinking Sanity Argument Maths Literary Criticism Theology Philosophy

Wittgenstein Einstein Hegel

Wow I feel sorry for you.You have so much to forget

That’s a novel way of looking at


And it costs so much too


An eye for a world

Look at this world with a glassy eye

Are you a hieroglyph?

Write with a pin and ink

There’s no face like home.

Where is your watch? In my eye.

Bloggers can’t be losers

I don’t want to gather moss.

A perfectly smooth ball exists only in the mind.

What is applied wrath anyway?

If not applied you burst.

I’d love to fly in a monsoon.

How large is the human mind?

Compared to what?

The mind of God?

Don’t be foolish,bow down.

Are you not an atheist?

I can’t say.But bow down anyway


Listen I am your best fiend.

I only said it for your own good

I was always presilient

I never put the phone down on you.I left it on the table

You only got Xmas Lard because you are no good at fidgeting.

You want to have light pairs?

I am only a bully because you have no power

I like being digressive

Stop the progressive derision.

Your voice is insightful.

Your eyes break love all day.

Diligent indolence

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Extract  from  a Keats’ letter

When Man has arrived at a certain ripeness in intellect any one grand and spiritual passage serves him as a starting-post towards all ‘the two-and-thirty Palaces.’ How happy is such a voyage of concentration, what delicious diligent Indolence! …Nor will this sparing touch of noble Books be any irreverence to their Writers – for perhaps the honors paid by Man to Man are trifles in comparison to the Benefit done by great works to the ‘spirit and pulse of good’ by their mere passive existence. Memory should not be called Knowledge – Many have original minds who do not think it – they are led away by Custom. Now it appears to me that almost any Man may like the spider spin from his own inwards his own airy Citadel – the points of leaves and twigs on thich the spider begins her work are few, and she fills the air with a beautiful ciruitin

Hope of spring

From Pixel

The sun is bright and golden though it’s low

To the dead it cannot life bestow

But seeds are resting in the fertile earth

Waiting for the moment of new


In the near dead time of winter chill

Have faith and hope but also we need will

Change your price

Change your suture,change your wife

You know love makes sense.

I am waiting for a determined Knight.

Or anyone who hates Lacan

Woo, is that Pan?

I won’t furrow my brow again

What is the sense in nemesis?

Weighed down by trans Pennine numbers.

The trans Pennine railway has no mender

I saw Huddersfield rice in a storm.I was on a brain.

Oh don’t swear,I am a gentile by default,

China is full of us mainly