We must be resigned

Oh ,Frances has got cancer and her husband had a stroke

Is brother had got Parkinson’s and died before he spoke

A lot of time to think again and pray for what is best

Life for human beings no seems to be a test

As we grow old and people die we learn we maybe next

God is not our mother so there’s no joy being vexed

My sister died when she lay down, how my brother cried

Now he’s in the hospital and seemed to be okay

He fell while walking down the ward that was yesterday

Q he broke his thigh bone when he fell, my sister could not cry

She’s got cancer in her lungs who’ll the first to dir?

The doctors were on strike last week they did not do the scan

Now they have he’s had a stroke,oh doctor strikes be damned.

Resign yourself and tell your sins the priest he’s waiting here.

Write a few apologies and drink a pint of beer.l