Demented people look like refugees

Like refugees demented people flee

They have no plans no place where they can be

In my nightmares I have felt like this

No surrounding arms to bring us bliss

The fear which seems irrational is not so

Would you be patient with no place to go?

Lucky refugees may find a home.

The elderly are lost, they scream and moan

Help me help me like a child they call.

There is no Eden after that great Fall

They long for death, the home they’re in appalls

Where is the Ark to rescue these lost souls?

They have nothing left to pay the toll

Mother father husband and young wife

Confusion takes the meaning from a life.

They do not pray because they are locked out

No church no Mass, no priest,no rites,but doubt.

The piteous hands held out for us to grasp

We turn away, unbearable the task