The hospital ward

No mobile gnomes after 9:00 p.m.

Please do not disturb the doctor when he does his rounds. It’s all gone elliptical today ml

The police heard mobile groans coming from the bathroom. Then they moved to the ceilings. If the patient has died they would not grow

Please do not make love in the future. It’s been decided it’s all war from now on.

I thought, That’s the university, and then I was hit by a mobile stone. Now I have totally forgotten what a differential operator is and was Dirac one? Why don’t you shoe a little bit of interest in what I’m telling you?

Get an eye loan from Moorfields Hospital. Of course the patients are dead when we take their eyes out. What do you think we are.monsters?

I went for my first check up at the hospital and after covering up my left eye the doctor asked me what I could see. So I said to him you are safe with me doctor. All I can see is blackness with a few flashes.

Can’t you read the letters on the chart?

I didn’t know that the Chinese used letters.

Are you Chinese?

Yes but I only whisper.

I can’t test your eyes in here because we don’t have enough of the Chinese alphabet in the correct format.

Good heavens anybody would think you were doing M.Math. at Oxford

Most people would not even know what it was

If I were you I would go back to China and have your eyes tested there

Is it free?

Pay your own fare or pretend to be a spy and let them kidnap you and take you back to China.

What about Framing?

Very good framing

It’s not me you who needs Framing it’s my lenses.

Have you got any contacts?

1708.9 followers on my blog?

Tell me who is nought point nine on your blog?


I didn’t know James Bond was Chinese.

Neither did he