Is being stressed a mental illness?

I see that there’s been a 38% increase in the number of civil servants taking time off for so-called mental such as stress

Suppose I am a civil servant being given ever increasing amounts of work in a country with low morale and many people are suffering from the effects of covid etc etc etc is it fair to label these people as mentally ill or would it be kinder and more realistic to say that a great number of people in many jobs now are being asked to do more work than is normal or sensible so tje load is too heavy for anybody except a single person with a schizoid disposition and no interest or hobbies who is looking for something to fill in their empty days. I’m sure he’s grateful for being overworked. And he will enjoy the extra money that he got if he was paid for overtime which is strictly speaking

If you get a headache every time you want more than 6 hours a day you have to consider wheather you are just weak and feeble so I can migraine when you spend all that time calculating peoples income tax or whether they’re doing that kind of highly focused work need some limit on its time whereas if you were drawing cartoons which I have never done but if you were a drawing cartoons I can imagine you could do it for 12 hours a day if someone brought you some nice meals.

Not allcwork can be compared.

Would you rather be a butcher or teach calculus in a comprehensive School?

Would you like to be a surgeon orvmow the Lord outside the Civic Center?