Your love is your wealth

The gate by Katherine

He told me he loved me but he didn’t share

Answering back I said I don’t care.

You’re mean and you’re stingy

Get out of my hair.

He looked rather puzzled said what was wrong?

When we go to the pictures it’s always James bond.

I’d liked to have seen those Scandinavian films.

But you seem to believe in imposing your will.

Thank God you refrained from sexual threats.

Get out of my life and pay your own debts.

I know we had chemistry, that’s not enough.

I may be a woman but I can be tough.

I care for myself but I don’t care for you.

I’d prefer to get married to a cat in the zoo.

A big cat a small cat as long as they’re warm.

No fierce and wild animal would do me such harm

You think that you’ll live by imposing your will.

In the end it’s your own heart that you’re going to kill.

Be off with you man,control your own greed.

Don’t act like you’re a child besieged by your needs.

Remember King Henry he beheaded his wives

His body was gross and his eyes were like knives.

If you do good to others you feel better in yourself.

Be mutual, be thoughtful and find your own wealth