The Archbishop of Canterbury or not to take antidepressents some people say. Maybe I should not wear my spectacles if I have real religious faith

The Archbishop of Canterbury revealed that he takes antidepressants and this has made some people criticizing for believing in God but still the indepressed..

Well that is nonsense. I believe in God in a sense maybe not the sense that the churches would accept it but I do believe there is something unknown in this world that we have to respect

After many people were killed in the Holocaust among them six million Jews. How can you believe in God in a simple way when you know that fact? Just keep on being happy clappers as you are escorted to the gas chambers or as you are shots at the age of a pit which you have been made to dig yourself so you sudden next to your brave and be shot and fall backwards into it that is how millions of Europeans Jews died as the German army passed through Eastern Europe on its way to conqueri Russia.

If god did not save those Jews, and many of them and many suffered much more than Jesus suffered the crucifixion, it would seem strange if God cured the depression of a man even if is that the archbishop of Canterbury.

Many people lost their belief in God because of that issue that is the Holocaust.

Yes I have read accouhts that stated that despite god not saving them Jews waked to the gas chamber singing Kaddish. That is they were trying to sing prayers for the dead.

Why the world is like this and why God is life is is a mystery to me but I accept that we are weak minds and greedy and selfish temperaments we may not be able to understand these mysteries.