Consolation visits, cannot stay

The agent is the one who makes the choice
Who  are we  and how do we decide?
If we’re passive, we  will lose our voice

Consolation comes in many ways
The love of other  people is a guide
The agent is the one who has the choice

Consolation visits, cannot stay
Will not come if we are stiff with pride
If to power we’re passive, we  must  pray

A wife was once a slave, though well embraced
Her unique self and agency denied
The agent is the one who makes the choice

Now the unemployed dwell in disgrace
The monsters in the government deride
If by power  disabled ,find a voice

Christian armies  thought God on their side;
As if he cared what  they meant by their lies!
The agent  believes he’s in charge,has choice
We  feel   lost , where is the still,small voice?