Seasons blurred

In temperate climates ,seasons ends are blurred.
So many days by  two seasons are shared.
Even by midsummer in  high June,
Many flowers have gone,have gone  too soon

Yet Michaelmas is marked by daisies tall
And roses still  show blooms  throughout  the Fall.
Mysterious, new and precious  buds are born
Will such  joy  help  us  bear our thoughts forIorn

In hollow  winter  depths of  ice and cold,
When dark,short days  so  heavily   unfold
Then we know with  Fall and summer gone ,
Dark earth shields seeds  until their time shall come

The paradox we face is how to judge
When   anguished hearts and faces by tears smudged
Tell us life’s too painful to go on.
Then from  hearts cracked open,  life   spurts forth again.

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