Our fascination for bad poetry





I suppose,moreover,it’s never easy to tell
To coin a phrase,what is new and great
From what is bad
And it’s darned uncomfortable sitting astride this fence
I suppose it has to be nice,full of cliches and perhaps rhyming
And rarely scanning;
Or it’s about sort of hackneyed type of stories
With nothing new  under the sun in them
And  with  a few too many adverbs, prepositions and no nouns like names
Just to get the ball rolling,here’s my point of view
Would you like it read out at your third wedding?
Or your one and only funeral
Don’t keep me guessing.I like a quick response
I am not easily bored but when I am bored it’s easy to stay that way,kinda thing.
When I feel paralysed and stare at the  things piled on the sofa
And wonder how to sort them out..
Ah,well,many a mickle makes a muckle
And lions roar while cheetahs chuckle
Bite your own knuckle.Oh,fuckle.

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