At all story

I was unready for anything,
with no charms like a bee.
Each fresh day is torture..

As you don’t hate me.

I was as tame as a dingo,
I was right in my mind.
Each night  had its daydreams,
In that you were   real kind.

I was charmed by your molars.
They were sharper than whales.
Each dawn brought the moon out.
As you cut your nails.

Rolling stones gathered
Your heart was not mine.
I’ll give you what you wish for.
It is by my  design .
As long as the clock speaks
As long as the rose.
As long as the bike pumps..
I’ll remember your nose.

As long as my patterns;
As brief as they are;
As long as my brain’s dead
I shall parsnip a star.

I love a good proverb.
I love no cliches.
When you find some Wisdom
Do not sever my pay.

Justice long as a ruler,
Sharpened to a screw.
When you are more kind,then
I may leak what I brew
As long as the flat Earth
As wise as it’s broad.
The moon in the water
Heard the crow caw.

Please hear my tall story
Sing  beside my cello.
I may fail at  the Strife Class
But I can  say ,I know

I went to the Church belle,
And asked for a clue.
The finger on the dial
Kept pointing at you

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