The Gentle Narcissist?


[ photo  above from  here:

link to interview with author Gerti Schoen of her book called,

The Gentle Narcissist… is  well worth looking at

This is very interesting.I was writing about Natcissus and narcissists are usually thought of as conceited and boastful and full of themselves,However this woman argues that being the opposite of that is also a form of narcissism.I read that narcissism is a growing problem on modern Western  society… with selfies on your i phone,posting your wonderful doings on Facebook etc
Are there any shy gentle people left? And are they also marcissists too concerned with their own self?Trust in God used to be the path of life but now most here no longer believe the old stories..How about moderate,ordinary people?

This image from an intriguing website names below seems an archetypal image of the self absorbed and self worshipping narcissist…. and yet how boring to be so self absorbed.Creative people lose themself in work and mysics in God


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