Be off or I’ll follow your blog everywhere



coloured woodsDoctor,I have got this awful feeling

What is it?

I feel someone is following me all day

I told you not to start blogging.How many followers have you got?

About 120.And I am following myself too.

Why did you follow yourself?

To see where I was going to.

And where was it?

I  went to the bathroom.

Did you follow yourself in?

I waited outside.

That was very wise.

So why do I feel odd?

I can’t say.I’ll have to follow you too to see what I can discover.What’s the name of your blog?

How my heart speaks

That is an error.Hearts don’t speak.

It’s a metaphor.

Your trouble is you are too brilliant.You need to become dumb like the rest us

Now,that “dumb” is a metaphor.

Well,l’ll be blowed.I never knew I spoke in metaphors.I am thrilled

See… how do you feel?

Be off or I’ll follow your blog! I want to remain ignorant to all higher thinking

Call yourself a doctor?

No,I’m the technician.The doctor is sick

Well,whadda you know!The doctor is sick

He’s only human

Only human?

He’s not superman.

I don’t want superman following me.

But anybody can follow you.

What a mess.I’ll unfollow myself now and get some peace

About Katherine

I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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1 Response to Be off or I’ll follow your blog everywhere

  1. Nice… but a word of advice… never follow yourself when you have bad gas…


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