From cats to evil

Mary wants to get a letter

This means she’ is feeling better.

Here’s the postman with his sack

Coming up the garden track

she hears the letterbox go bang

The postman seems to talk in slang

Ear ye are pet ain’t got much

Oh dear Mary mind your crutch.

I have no crutch I have a walker

You are just a nosey parker

No I’m from Warsaw,madam dear.

Well you speak English without fear.

Yes I know I’m feeling proud.

In this country it’s allowed.

Yes said. Mary I know that.

If you’re not sure I’ll ask my cat

Emile opened one green eye.

I’m not here to be a spy.

If Eastern Europe is is in trouble

Get the cats out at the double

That’s what Mrs Johnson said

She saw Boris on the bed

She brought her cat a golden collar.

That’s why Boris’s face turned yellow

There are babies and young children

Little faces all a- quivering.0

See they look like Jews tormented

By the Nazis men demented.

But would you have had the courage.

To stand up to the Nazis savage

How long will we support Ukraine?

Let us not ignore their pain

The Russian wolf is riding high

Threatening Europe from the sky.

The Jews and Yiddish have all gone

From Europe to Babylon.

We heard we must show more courage

But who hears the voices savage?

We feel like children in our hearts

Prepare us adults that’s a start.

Survival as a moral wreckage

Comforts Satan sends a message.

You do not want to know the worst.

The human race may be accursed

The heart of darkness

Indifference tolls the knell of  humankind

So easy just to turn our eyes  away

We often self deceive   or  mimic  blind;

So Hitler goosestepped  while  foolish Pope  but prayed

How bright the candlelight on Christmas trees

And  tender children  widen  joyous eyes

Yet for  the other,we will hear no pleas.

At every heartbeat  “foreign” babies die..

Can we love any but those with our same ?

what sense the story in which  Arab aiding Jew?

Is the underlying truth not seen

As Jesus said the chosen are but few

We  split the world into a double view

The good, the bad,the  heart of darkness slew.

Accepting that perfection is remote,

What love and friendship must at least entail

Are boundaries both elastic and firm.

Yet even that is but a mere detail

Less subtle is the need to do .no harm

For in the flush of youthful spirits strong

We do not like to know that all love fades

For when it does we lovers may do wrong

To wickedness we may find we’ve paid

And with the stone faced demons we belong.

Thus friendship love and joy involve the will

To take the other as she comes to be

For such allowing there’s a constant bill

Acknowledging such truth we’ll  surely see.

Accepting that perfection is remote,

We’ll play our tunes and suffer every note

Is it stronger to be cruel

hunted  to hunter,no surprise

see themselves in victims’ eyes

want to heal, they want a cure

inflict suffering,can’t endure.

build new walls, recreate the past

cannot wait,must do it fast

relive history in the now

can’t escape,don’t know the how.

evil passes like a gift

race is offered to the swift

why do humans live like fools?

is it stronger to be cruel?

soon we too  must be away

life is over in a day

but while we live let us perceive

we have selves  and they deceive

Other selves within

jug and bottles 4I was in the kitchen washing up one day when I kept getting lines suitable for sonnets coming into my mind.I haad just written one sonnet so I then wrote two more.
I had a realisation that if one learns a certain form,technique or skill then that will act like a fishing net to draw up material from the depths of the mind which wants to be expressed.There definitely is desire in these sentences which wish to be spoken.. to communicate.
Another example of the desires of the mind is shown by the following example.I was feeling extremely distressed one day and began writing a sonnet in which I intended to say something very unpleasant but after writing one and a half stanzas I realised that this other good part of my mind did not wish me to write something cruel or angry… so I changed direction and made it quite different.
And conversely I once had very unkind thoughts coming into my mind about someone who had hurt me  profoundly and was unable to say anything to help me afterwards…  or was unable to apologise but I told myself that I did not agree with these bad thoughts and would not allow them to make me do something against my own moral code.However I felt the temptation strongly and indeed I had been used wrongly by someone.
So I can see different selves in me. Something very good and something bad… then me, in between them!

When my love lies

When my love lies and doom hangs over head,
When life runs like a river to the sea
Then shall I take new lovers to my bed,
And with their carnal touch consoled be?

When my love lies,and breaks my tender heart.
When life seems grey and rocks bestrew my path.
Then, shall I my life of evil start?
And on this world shall I bestow my wrath?

When true loves lie and wrecks all loyalty.
When puzzlement makes all my world seem mad.
Then I shall upend causality;
Console this world with deeds which make me glad.

For I have love’s own child inside my soul
And I shall tend her till at last she’s whole

A new choice of original sin:Murder of a brother

As I was thinking about original sin and its definition which is defined. the sin of Eve tempting Adam to eat the apple and thus they reached maturity and made love,worked and produced children.That doesn’t seen sinfull except they were disobeying God.

To me the murder of Abel by Cain was the first real act of wickedness.And family and national feuds still occur in our world.The children are  jealous of each other.Some parents can deal with this,but many can’t.They may punish the older child but not let them talk about how they feel.

I don’t think sexual desire in innately sinful; what counts is how we treat other people.Sex can be exploitative or loving or greedy..Nature means for us to reproduce as if  we don’t our race will die out;and with the current political problems the world may end anyway and we will all be like Cain.

Confession or Trust in God?


I have encountered a curious contradiction in thinking about the Christian sacrament of Confession.Compassion for others is the main teaching of Jesus. yet being trained  tot think daily of  one’s sins is a very self centred,even narcissistic, activity. and surely religion is not meant to make us more egocentric….. there is something wrong here.Maybe it is Catholicism which emphasises the Sacrament but Non conformist Christians are brought up to be very aware of their sinfulness.

Even believing in predestination of souls so some are born to go to Helll,as it were.What kind of God did they believe in?

Is it time for us to put sin into it’s place and to rely more on trust in God?

And finally a quote

Some quotes from GoodReads:
“Hearing nuns’ confessions is like being stoned to death with popcorn.”
Fulton J. Sheen
“They sell courage of a sort in the taverns. And another sort, though not for sale, a man can find in the confessional. Try the alehouses and the churches, Hugh. In either a man can be quiet and think.”
Ellis Peters, The Heretic’s Apprentice


Reading Lawrence Le Shan

For many years I have enjoyed the writings of Le shan.Recently I discovered that he had written a book about Evil.He also treated people with cancer for many years.I admire him

I am reading it slowly.I recommend,Alternate Realities from which some of his terminology comes.His book in Meditation is the best I have ever found.I was reading it as I was on a train going to my father in law’s funeral and a beautiful image cane to my mind

Lawrence LeShan -A man will be effective to the degree that he is able to concentrate! Concentration is not basically a mode of doing but above all a mode of Being. (Lawrence LeShan)

Why and how Sylvia Plath disappointed me



Until last year I had read only  the most famous of Plath’s poems like “Daddy”.Then I read many more and also many works of criticism and explanation.And then I realised she was one of the  most gifted poets of her era. But alas, her maturity as a poet coincided with the breakdown of her marriage.And so her talents were used to  express mainly rage and then meaninglessness and death.

Was it only the tragedy of  her life situation that brought about her mature voice ? I believe not. And so I grieve that her wonderful works were full of rage and destructiveness…. what would she have written otherwise.I also believe that her motives in marrying Hughe were mixed…. and so  were his to her.Marriage is entered into too lightly and without understanding.I almost feel arranged marriages were better sometimes

Now maybe it  is wrong of me to say this but I know we all are acquainted with anger, envy,jealous and other painful emotions .But  I believe to cultivate them is not moral. And to utilise them in Art is something dangerous and maybe destructive. And without specifying any religion or  ethical system I believe acting ethically is more important than art, music,writing and so on…not that there is always a conflict.

I may appear to counsel perfection but I merely grieve for the loss of a genius and what she might have written if she had been given support and help when left alone with two  tiny children in a foreign land.

If we have gifts let us use them for good and for the encouragement of our  human companions on this  planet and not for harm,destruction ,stealing wealth and creating evil

A new writer/thinker:C Fred Alford


I am reading two books by C Fred Alford about Evil.He is a very good writer and scholar with a wonderful mind.He is also influenced greatly by Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion.

In fact I am really delighted because he talks quite a lot about thought and what makes us thoughtless and how thinking is related to emotions.And how breaking linkages in our minds is a defence which stops us from feeling painful emotion at the cost of deadness inside

This article is about Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden because it’s good and also I cannot find any articles about Alford’s life.

Here is a review of his new book but we can’t get it in the UK

It is about Emmanuel Levinas and the Frankfurt School.




The shadow of a human

th Cloudy sju wiki

One side of us is good and the other is bad

We are like old gramophone records

Sometimes we are playing the good side

Then late we play the reverse.

The brighter the appearance

The darker the shadow

so Jung decided

Which may explain

why he and Heidegger

did not see the truth about the Nazis.

Jung got a top job

because all the Jewish psychoanalysts had to flee Austria and Germany

And later France

Jung was unable

to use his own insights

I guess we are all  a bit like that.

But we must keep trying…..

We need to accept  the pain

Of knowing we have a shadow.

If not,we will do harm

for if we don’t know it

we cannot control it

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