How to be the murderer

This is not autobiographical

How to kill the cancer without killing you as well.

How to be the murderer of these errant cells

How to be accepting when they give you more bad news

How to get your anger out when they don’t ask  for your views

Please dont ask the doctor please don’t ask the nurse

I learn the diagnosis and put it into verse

There’s something wrong with my DNA so the bad cells will not die

Take me to my sister dear for she will let me cry

The cancer is omnipotent, it wants to rule the whole

It’s put me into handcuffs and tossed me on the coal

There are no hierarchies each cell plays a part

And so it is with organs, the brain is not the heart

A tiny change can escalate the tempest and the storm

Yet in the centre of the beast the still small voice is calm

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