Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Touch me with your hand.

Others aren’t just a burden because they demand much of us, or don’t do their share.  Others are a burden because they are different and other.  Humans naturally want to assimilate others to themselves, making others like them.  In so doing we use others as objects.  The only way of treating others as ends in themselves is to bear the burden of otherness and difference, seeing others first as fellow creatures of God

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If we don’t believe in God we can still believe that other people’s lives are sacred and they are not to be used for our convenience. It’s question of accepting other people’s lives as real as our life is to us and other people are equal value to us. We may feel that we are the centre of the universe but that’s only possible when you are a baby being looked after by very good mother. As the baby grows and develops she is gradually weaned from breastmilk and from her belief that she is the centre of the world being served by her minions. If you didn’t have a very good mother then NZ it is more difficult. May feel at times that you have no value whatsoever that is not true

I wonder if believing in God was important because in the end we are all equal whatever our economics worth are or our inherited titles and and ownership of large properties and estates.

It’s rather puzzling because of them or some of us have the more we want and therefore will never be happy.

You can’t buy love

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Evil desires bring evil ends up


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