Teach yourself

Twas illig, and the blithely Stoats ,did fire a Thimble at a Ghost.

Around the World I’ve Lied with You Bare and Blush,The Twin Horror Show.

Alice in Blunderland.

Malice through the Magnifying Glass.

Malice in Gove Land.

All Whimsy were the Government’s Groves:Chequers for Hecklers

All flimsy were the Lying Grounds, yet the War Mongers Outslayed

Where are they,Mioaw?Cameron’s Cats for Rich Rools..

Who stole my Government?

Shall I compare Thee to a Carving Knife? : The N.H.S reduced to Size.

How to write and sell your first Comedy of Errors: Mandel’s Sunset.

Death and Menace: New Big Society for the disabled.

Where have all the People Gone?: Holidays at Home for Dummies.

Philosophy in a new Sea. Lost Ideas and Drowning Brainwaves

2 thoughts on “Teach yourself

  1. Perhaps you can come with me and be crazy as well. It certainly gives me a feeling of joy now and then. I just have to avoid being noticed by a psychiatrist. 🥶

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