Doctors’ notes

Drawing by Katherine

The patient is alive but without any signs

Her husband asked me to help him to get her pregnant. I’ve made them an appointments for tomorrow. Could you help?

She said that the marriage had never been consecrated. She is still an illegal virgin.

She was very hot in the living room but much cooler in bed her husband tells me

He said my temperature was 38.8 centigrade and I had to try harder to help myself. This morning I got up to 39 but feeling much worse. Is there any other treatment?

He came to the hospital with a broken toe but caught covid in the waiting room and died this morning as soon as we found a bed for him. It’s wrong to keep people waiting like that and expect them to die on a trolly.

The patient seems to be alive but is unwilling to give up his bed and work

He was deceived using a donated egg. Will it work with a shop-bought one?

He thought mobile phones would have legs but they’re too smart for that.

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