Betrayed and cast aside

In the desert grey I walked alone

I was with child my heart felt like a stone.

Betrayed by love, who can we trust again.

0 God protect us from the wiles of Man

The stress and strain made my poor womb contract

The pains of birth are easy to detect.

Here there is a doctor dressed in black

He has no face, no courtesy no tact Of

My baby dies the father is a lack

The doctor throws my baby on a pile

Babies children killed without a trial.

Hitler’s still around disguised, I’m cold.

Evil runs the world so mad so bold

I know I too will die unless I leave

Postpartum grief so rarely will deceive

But when I gaze upon his holy face

My baby smiles and waits for my embrace.

Even here in hell there is some good

In the muck and dust of human blood

I welcome comments and criticism

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