Cold Homes and Impact on Health : Key Causes | Home Logic UK,threatening%20diseases%20such%20as%20hypothermia.

Cold Can Be Damaging to Mental Health

Coldness has numerous effects on physical health, but it is also damaging to mental health. Living for a prolonged period of time in a cold home makes people more likely to develop mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.

Exposure to cold can seriously affect daily mood and energy levels which can provoke pre-existing mental health issues or make you more likely to develop them in the future.

On a daily basis, cold homes can affect mental capacity, memory and productivity levels.

The damaging effect of prolonged exposure to the cold should not be overlooked. Keeping your house warm and dry, especially during the winter months will keep your family happy and healthy. Follow our tips for a warmer, healthier living environment:

Damp and Mould: How to Prevent It

To minimise mould in the home, use a dehumidifier to keep moisture in the air to a minimum. Ensure that your house is well ventilated. Small things like opening the window in the bathroom after showering, can reduce the development of 

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