Letters and alphabets

Agitated apples are falling all over Andover

Behave yourself or you will be banned before brewing tea

Catherine wheels coming back into crazy vashion.

Dalmatian dog darted down dead end drastically reducing is road speed

Everyone expects the end to be exciting but not when you have , Edema

Failure is not failure when you have already passed the exam via aegrotat

Growling goat goes good in grey gloom

Henry VIII had hairy hands. Oh Henry don’t harass .

Juniper tree just joined the junk outside the jail

Khaki looks good in the kitchen

Lend me your ear and your legs I can’t light the fire.

Mother makes children mad yet merry

No gnomes got eaten by gorillas or guerrillas.

Only oranges observe our outings often in a

People like peapods after praying on Sunday mornings

Quantity or quality Kwik Kwik quack

Round the rugby ball roll the rabbits

Sell silk and satin to shoppers

Toothbrushes tend to take time off to sweep the streets

When and where are we waiting? Why not

Xylophones and X rays

You looked youthful yesterday

Zebras are monochrome in the zoo zevi fed 2

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