The meaningless life of purpose

Activity is separated from purpose we run on a machine to keep fit and then py someone else to do housework?

Is that because there isn’t enough physical activity needed in everyday life. People don’t need to grow potatoes in the garden now and other useful vegetables or fruit. If you don’t need to do something it’s more difficult to do

We don’t believe in God but we meditate and contemplate for health reasons. Every single god is amused by this strange behaviour

We eat the best diet we can so that we will live long time suffer from depression fatigue anxiety.

We don’t like to sit and daydream we woulf rather look a at something exciting. Maybe we are afraid of what dream was in the dream as we might have so that running on a running machine and concentrating in order to reduce high blood pressure is enough to make life meaningful where men more than women are tempted towards suicide

When I was at school enjoy walking across the park especially if it was foggy or in there was a frost and pools of ice on the pavement I would crack the ice with my feet.

Can’t we enjoy simple pleasures like this or just fel crazy

I suspect that when I was walking to work I was more stressed and thinking about getting there as fast as possible rather than going into a foggy park with a playful attitude. And when I was leaving work I wanted to get home to make the dinner. That’s sad

When we do something for pleasure or joy rather than doing it for a narrow purpose our muscles especially the eye muscles are more likely to relax as they do in hunting animals

The narrow focus is for hunting and the wide focus is for relaxation joy and wisdom

The narrow focus started the war in Ukraine.Its madness very often not to feel the wider picture.

We do need both

I welcome comments and criticism

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