Tearing up the paper

Shall I cut off my nose with this sharp knife ?

Having colds and flu is very nice

I can’t afford the Kleenex any more.

Some days I’ve been using 24.

We have to keep our money to buy food.

Or other things by politicians shrewd.

Should we wipe our bottoms von a leaf?

Do we really need those paper briefs?

Everything disposable must go.

Instead of ice cubes run out for some snow.

Don’t buy books of paper anymore.

Reading on your phone can’t be ignored.

But when we go to bed the sheets are real.

Paper sheets don’t like the way we feel.

In summertime we sleep upon the lawn

In that location new ideas are born.

In the winter we need flannelette

Sheets and nightdress warmer than a net.

If you are a fisherman that’s good

For in a boat men sleep upon the wood.

In the morning wipe it with a cloth.

Polish all with beeswax, dear as God

Now everything is cheap we do not save

In the past we kept the best preserved

The eye of God is patient and profound

Do not ignore the poor by bad debt bound.

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