Never finish anything completely

Never finish a sentence before ending it
Never begin a sentence with a word
Never end one with but.
Never free associate if writing to the government
Never be over-cautious.
Never end a word with a letter.And vice versa
Never give your name to the papers
Never dream about yourself
Never pass water.Have a drink.
Never take a random sample of your dreams out of your head
Never cut your own hair while typing on it
Never believe anything you read.
Never eat breakfast before you go to bed
Never do su doku puzzles unless you are in the bathroom all night
Never say a cross word.Just smoulder.
Never sulk for more than 5 minutes
Never make preparations after you begin

4 thoughts on “Never finish anything completely

      1. You’re alwayssss welcomeee.. it’s really pleasure for me to read your writings..keep goingβœπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‚

      2. You made my day now because it’s been difficult so far. I think it’s wonderful that people all over the world can read each other’s writing. But I don’t get an awful lot of comments on my blog because it is not always easy to read or understand it takes more time I’m than pros.
        I’m smiling at you.K

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