A very tortured Xmas

Mince pies,mince pies, don’t you love pies
Say that you do even though it’s a lie
Cream,cream, don’t add much more
For if you do, you’ll be sick on the floor

Meat,meat, we love our meat
Birds of a feather will keep the house neat
Raisins and currents give some diarrhea
If you’re on codeine. you’ve nothing to fear
Jump over hedges, there’s always some cover
Take a big doll and we’ll think it’s your lover
Never let shyness hold you back when we’re near
For imperfect our love and yet perfect our fear
At Xmas our loved ones will fight like wildcats
Siblings are nastier than any rat
But they have not murdered you yet, I’m sincere
Wash your hair soon and then rinse it with beer
Cain killed his brother, the envy, the spite
Adam and Eve were distraught every night

Procreation was rapid, we soon filled the Earth
How did high culture bring about Hitler’s birth
Can God be omnipotent when millions are killed
Maybe He died and more innocents will
God seems quite dead but he is merely remote
The tree of the cross is alive
and it grows

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