Even in 2017 we were short of beds in hospitals

News from the UK:Hospitals 

Posted on August 10, 2017

Chapel for funerals on site of hospital by Katherine

Theresa May has ordered that all corridors in hospitals be byrelabelled as wards. and given names:
“Long thin dirty blue ward”
“Long yellow windowless ward”
Dull Entrance Lobby Ward for people with claustrophobia.Make sure the wheels on the trolley are locked otherwise you may be ejected when someone opens the door.
Outdoor car park ward for people with TB or asthma plus privy or earth closet free to use.
Multi storey ward for the laid back[summer only]
Also toilets and cloakrooms.
A toilet is “An ensuite ward for one”
Seven toilets are 7 ensuites.Wow.It sounds great
A bathroom could be “a ward for people who like sleeping in or near water.”
Since a Ward is now anywhere with a trolley or bed in it, no logician can complain.

And if it’s you there, you’ll be too ill.
You may even be dead but as there is no nurse in the bathroom, they don’t know,
Neither do I

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