He admired a Gorgon now and then

I loved him so much, but he said I was the Gorgon personified.Would you say that to a woman?
Why did he not notice it at first rather than asking me to send him a photo of myself wearing red underwear or even not wearing it
Men don’t understand that red runs in the washing machine and I don’t want red shirts looling like tie dye whenI give a lecture on “The mean average and what it means to mankind ” and then get called politically incorrect when I am teaching something useful.
I like grey underwear as it stops me worrying about my whites not being white enough.Do they think I am not a vestal virgin?
I also have grey sheets on my bed as the cats like grey, in fact they are grey
On the other strand I do like a bright winter coat to make others cheerful
Yes, my thesis was published but I am no Martin Luther.Noone understood mine
which was good as one Reformation was more than enough

What do you mean, the food is burned? I was caramelising the onions.You do it or cook me a meal in bed,sorry, instead
Freud, it’s lucky he is dead.what would he call me? The hound woman
The horse frightener?
I gave my best and will give it a rest

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