At a time of division, wise words from Nelson Mandela — My Life as an Artist (2)

“I am fundamentally an optimist.   Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say.   Part of being an optimist is keeping one’s head pointed towards the sun, one’s feet moving forward.     There were many moments when my faith in humanity was surely tested, but I would not and could not […]

At a time of division, wise words from Nelson Mandela — My Life as an Artist (2)

10 thoughts on “At a time of division, wise words from Nelson Mandela — My Life as an Artist (2)

  1. Too bad those who followed Nelson Mandela chose not to hold onto his ideals. Just as the leaders of the civil rights movement here in the states betrayed Martin Luther King’s vision after he was assassinated.

      1. I think it was a miracle to end apartheid without a war.Of course it will take a long time to stabilise. and get Donald Trump
        to rule South Africa.. what a thought!

      2. Since the end of apartheid and the passing of Mandela Whites have had their jobs taken away and forced into getthos. White farmers have been murdered or their land stolen from them while many others were forced to flee South Africa

      3. It is indeed a cruel world and despite the promises from oppressed groups history teaches that the oppressed can’t wait to oppress their former oppressors undermining their moral credibility.

      4. Yes, like Israel.Suffering often makes people vengeful not compassionate.Although the Vietnames working here don’t seem to bear a grudge against the USA.But it’s like asking a woman to forgive a man who tortured and raped her.She may be only keen on revenge.
        Retaliation is not a blessing but we are all capable of violent rage given certain circmustances.I saw a red mist once when someone attacked my kitten,,,,,, so I know despite my seeming gentle I might have attacked her.I saw her face floating in this redness but luckily my husband just came back from work… if you’ve never seen that,you can’t imagine it.Thanks for your comments,David.I l have been unwell but hope to spend more time catching up soon,Katherine

      5. Hello Katherine I hope that you get to feeling better soon.

        I know about seeing red. Many years ago in school one of the boys was bullying me and I lost it – all I saw was red – until I realized that I had my arms around his neck and began to calm down. He never bothered me again after that.

      6. I must remember that though I think I might have a stroke if I got so enraged.But if people have never seen red they would not know it was real not just a metaphor.What a world

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