Is evil de rigeur?

Why should we do evil if we care
Care about the world and humankind?
What is evil, what is good, what’s fair?

To feel we’re God, implacable our stare
Igniting terror in a human mind
Why should we do that if we do care?

Some do evil deeds to show they dare,
Making their own heart a place malign
What is evil, what is good, what’s fair?

The truly strong are anxious and aware
Letting their love flow in reason’s time
Why should we do that if we don’t care?

The good are like the tortoise not the hare
Slowly with perception ,impulse reined,
Acquainted with the evil ,good prefer

The true mind is the one refined by pain
Seeking no revenge,but to so learn
Why should we do evil if we care?
There is evil, is it de rigeur?

5 thoughts on “Is evil de rigeur?

  1. The true mind is refined by pain, seeking no revenge–what a profound thought, Possibly like you, I have had periods of prolonged pain and feel it did refine me and I seek no revenge, for it is only God who I would be seking it from. Very nice Katherine. I’ve been thinking about you and hoping you are well. Much of the virus news here is bleak–200,000 dead–but all my family are well, Diana and I are trying to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit. How are you?

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    1. I am affected by arthritis and it’s got into my back.So writing helps me and I also meet really good people like you,David..I am not going out mixing.I do have a wonderful friend living near and 3 or 4 friends I’ve met through writing.I am happy because I have people from all over the world reading my poetry and they are good people.Not all hateful like we see on the News.So my doctor asks me am I still writing and he is pleased that I am..He said he can’t understand poetry! Yet a refugee who has no education has read all my poetry in book form… it’s interesting.I hope you are not in pain now and keeping calm about politics.Katherine


  2. Thank you so much,David.I am ok but being affected by the situation and people are getting violent in demonstrations.I think it is worse for you as Trump is not taking action
    Pain is hard to cope with whether physical or mental but sometimes acceptance cam help
    I was thinking of mental pain primarily but either way it does no good to get angryit
    for prolonged periods of time.Poorer people suffer more and I am impressed by many men i have met
    delivering my groceries who seem to be better people than the ones I worked with in academia
    They seem more observant of others.But I do wish they got better wages
    I am glad you and Diana are well.I know it must be hard and really all we can do is live each day
    as best we can.I hope things will get better eventually.It seems somehow a madness has descended
    and reasoned thought is not valued
    I was happy to see your face in my mail… and send my very best wishes

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  3. Like you, I am sensitive to the needs of poor people because growing up my famliy was poor. We too here think of the future and wonder when we will be free of these worries and such bad new.s We hang in there and try not to make a mistake. Stay careful and well friend. Thanks again for that fine poem.

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    1. I thank you,David for reading it.I am glad I knew poverty,in a way.If you never suffer it,you can’t imagine it.And then you won’t admit others are undeservedly suffering.I have bought some new houseplants which are flowering.I like to see them grow.I think of you both daily


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