No way out of this one except glass eyes.

I feel mathematics is bad for society
Do you have the statistics?

I  wish people would not pick their noses
I always thought your was  rather large for your face

Why learn algebra and be unable to boil an egg?
Well, you can fry eggs,

Do we really need fashion in  frames for glasses?
Maybe they have a “see by ”  date
That would be just the lenses
But you can’t use them without a frame.
No way out of this one except glass eyes.

Why are people so kind to me during this crisis?
They have read your stories and feel sorry for you
That you are not  a writer  who makes a profit
I  even make a loss
What on?
Buying laptops,printers and  having acupuncture
I don’t see the connection
I feel it

Is this a coup d’etat?
No, it’s just a trial run



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