I hate you, so much, Mary


Mary sat in her bijou but well-designed blue kitchen reading email on her Windows 13 laptop.She was feeling quite weak after a bout of pneumonia   and cystitis despite having Dave the paramedic visit  every day with chicken  soup
She found a new email from her old friend who has been away
I hate you, so much, Mary, it began ominously as love and hate are closely linked
I wonder if it is something I have done, Mary thought, or is it my essential self he hates and why now after all these years?
You are always explaining things to me as if I am  dumb
Oh, dear, Mary thought.The perils of being a keen mathematician and   also a foolish woman are many
I have got  more and more annoyed with you especially since you threw that brick through my Windows.I am not coming  tonight to be with you.You can get stuffed you crackling font.And I shall  never forgive you as I never do forgive anyone even if I made a mistake.I can’t bear the shame and humiliation
Does he mean I broke his new Dell  Windows 10 computer, she asked herself
Or a window in his apartment?
But he lives on the second floor and at my age, I can’t even carry a brick let alone hurls  one so high and so accurately
Still, he is  old so someone smashing his windows would be disturbing to him and make him angry

Or is the word BRICK a metaphor? It might mean his self esteem is shattered  like shop windows in riots  often  have been
As for his language, it reminded her that religious people tend to swear more and also commit more sexual offences,  or get found out more

Mary] looked down at her once beautiful blue  tweed skirt which had a few moth holes in it
Oh, well. if he is not coming to visit  I can keep wearing this holey skirt.He doesn’t like older women in jeans as he prefers looking at young women’s bottoms despite his religion.So I would have had to wear my one remaining decent  velvet winter skirt.I am too lazy to want to change.
Suddenly   her late husband’s former mistress Annie ran in
She was wearing a magenta wool tracksuit and green stiletto heels with pink ankle socks topped by a purple velvet trench coat with matching lipstick
Good heavens, Mary cried.You look very attractive, where did you get that coat from?
I got it in a jumble sale at the church, Annie muttered.Those new people are very rich and only wear clothes twice!
I shall have to come, said Mary, look at my skirt!She burst into tears which was a rare event.
Her little cat Emile was terrified.
Don’t cry, mother he whispered
.I will sleep with you tonight if that idiot is not coming
What! Don’t tell me that Peter has broken up with you.He seems  so charming,delightful and well educated and his works of art are brilliant  and innovative.Still  it was better than a text message
Yes, he just sent me an email calling me a  crackling  font
Perhaps he is mixing you up with someone else.Anyway, if he is heterosexual he should love a nice  female organ or two
That’s too rational,Annie dear.Only the gynaecologist loves it.She took some photos again!
Good grief.Did she show you? asked Annie.
No, said Mary.I don’t want to see it but since  I’ve been going there for 3 years it seems bigger than before.Maybe  the photos to be put into a medical journal.To think  my memorial will not be my face  but my vulva.Someone said vulva  is a rude word and I should say vagina but that makes no sense to me and it is an error anyway scientifically
She’s not done anything to make it bigger?
No, it must be all the attention it gets that makes it feel bigger in my mind
Still , without a  boyfriend, it’s not even worth thinking of.
Well, you can DIY, Annie told her but  for us women it’s the lying down gazing into someone’s eyes and smiling that matters more than the rest
Emile miaowed: Look into my eyes, mother.Or can’t Annie?
I’ll be getting an Electra complex, Mary told him.You don’t  do erotic things with  your mother nor with a lady who once slept with your dead husband  while he was still alive!
Well we cats don’t  know our cat mothers s
o we might have a good time with them unknowing
If only I were a cat, Mary muttered as she wept again clutching a  box of Kleenex for  Sad Women
Ring 999, Emile.Annie said.We need help now
Hello, my mum’s boyfriend has split with her by email.Can you send an ambulance for the computer, she hit it with a shoe and broke the screen
OK, will do, the lady replied courteously.Would you like some meringues too?
My goodness, since Brexit the NHS is even better.I should have asked for a steak and kidney pie as well.And mashed carrots.

And so say all of us

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