The parable of the Amazon computer




Kona Charity Run:I can supply them!!



I didn’t look at “Recommneded for you” for a long time but when I did I found it is based on MORE.MORE AND MORE.

Now sometimes that is useful as when you look for a book on a certain topic.But even when you have just purchased 50  pairs of men’s underpants which is clearly enough for any husband,every time you look the computer is suggesting more similar ones.And it can be painful when your husband doesn’t need them any more.

[You can click on Improve your Recommendations and then choose items to eliminate.]

But it seems like a parable for modern life.That we never have enough of anything and always want more.

I bought a pan.I have a small kitchen so can’t store lots and in any case nobody needs more  and more milkpans.However Amazon have not bothered to write a  programme whicj can differentiate between books or music that one might want more of and underpants,vests,pans,cutlery etc.It must be possible to eliminate at least some of these.

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